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First place wins in Snakeskin Tank and Widetail at the Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates show in 2019.

Below are the my wins from the Deep South Fancy Guppy Associates IFGA show held on August 25, 2018 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. I got First Doublesword, First Doublesword Tank, First AOC Bicolor, First Multi Tank, 2nd place AOC Bicolor, 2nd place AOC Bicolor Tank, 3rd place Blue, and 3rd place Single Sword. I had 6 wins in the AOC Bicolor and AOC Bicolor Tank categories, and 11 wins total.


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Awards at the South Jersey IFGA show. First place Single Sword Tank. First place Double Sword tank. First place AOC Bicolor. First place AOC Bicolor tank. 4th place single sword.
First place, AOC Bicolor class at the New England Fancy Guppy Association’s show.
First place award for the Double Sword IFGA tank category. I also got 2nd place DS tank and 4th place Lower Sword tank.
(Above) First place lower sword
Second place Breeder Male (5 matched Moscow blue-green delta males)
First place lower sword out of FIFTEEN entries!
First place lower sword at the 2015 IFGA Annual. I also placed 4th out of 15 entries in the Purple Tank category.
First place lower sword at the 2015 IFGA Annual. I also placed 4th out of 15 entries in the Purple Tank category.
AOC bicolor
2nd place AOC bicolor delta out of SEVENTEEN entries.
Second place Snakeskin delta out of 10 entries.
It was a huge honor to place First at the 18th World Guppy Contest (Tampa, FL, USA) in the Lower Sword category. I also received 2nd Runner Up with a purple delta in the “Any Other Color” category.
I started 2015 in my second year of sending fish to IFGA shows. My main goal for the year was a first place in a non-Novice category. I achieved that by placing first twice in the double sword category and first in the AOC bi-color category.


I wanted a place I could post photos of the fish I’m raising (guppies). Half the time my advice to someone would be completely different than the next person, so I’m not looking to give advice, only talk about what I’m doing.

Raising ornamental fish is an exhausting affair. No matter how much you know, there is always someone else who knows a LOT more. You have to be able to keep a fish alive that probably wouldn’t survive in the wild for more than a minute. You have to know enough about genetics to make good crosses. You have to know the standards of raising award-winning show guppies (since I’m in the US, I would conform to IFGA standards if I’m competing). You basically have to maintain a pet shop in your house. All of this isn’t cheap, and if you make any money, it probably just covers your basic expenses.

Despite all of this, I keep coming back for more.

Growing up I always had a lot of pets. And there was always an aquarium in my room or the house that I maintained. I was probably around 8 years old and I checked out books on guppies at the public library. I think Paul Hahnel and Stan Shubel were either featured, or wrote these books. So I knew all about show guppies from a very early age. All these years later, Stan Shubel is still at the top of his game.

After college, I did a lot of moving around and couldn’t really maintain a fish tank. I remember being in a pet shop in Kansas City and being stunned by a tank full of IFGA quality hb pastel males. There must have been 50 fish in that one 10 gallon tank. I later regretted not buying a couple of those fish. I mean, what are the odds you’re at a pet shop that sells award-winning quality “culls” from an IFGA breeder for $3 a pop?

After I became a little more settled, I started buying fish tanks and ordering stock from a couple of the more well-known breeders. This would have been around the year 2001, because I remember buying some pastels from Jim Alderson. He shipped the fish overnight on Sept. 10, 2001. The next morning was 9/11. The post office was shut down. I thought these fish were dead for sure. Three weeks later, my anxiety had overtaken me. So I went over to the local post office. I don’t think anyone was even around. There was a door open in the package area so I walked in. Sitting on a table was a signature square box, a sign of tropical fish. I checked, and my name was on the box. I grabbed the box and walked out. I don’t think a single person bothered to even look at me while I was in there. But I was so worried about those fish dying I just needed to get that package. I took the package home, opened it up, and all the guppies had survived for three weeks.

Around this time period, I drove from Kansas City all the way across the state of Missouri to attend the Gateway Guppy Association IFGA show and auction. I bought a bunch of “fish of my dreams” that day.

I decided that my career and life in Kansas City needed a drastic change. I was moving to Los Angeles. I had too many other things to worry about, and I had to give away my prized guppies. A few years later I had re-established myself. But I needed more space. I wasn’t really doing the whole L.A. thing anymore. I figured if I moved a couple hours east to Arizona, I could get an entire house for less than I was paying in rent for an apartment in L.A.

It’s around 2008. I was having a bad week. I was at a Petco buying dog food or something. I decided to walk by the aquarium section. As soon as I saw those low-grade pet shop guppies, my mood changed from terrible to great.

It’s programmed into my subconscious. I have to raise guppies. I’m powerless to resist, I don’t even want to resist!

So I decided to try my hand at guppies again. Once I started showing fish, my entire system completely changed. You’re no longer breeding for yourself, you’re breeding for yourself AND IFGA shows. I probably fluctuate between 50-60 fish tanks, mostly 5 and 10 gallon.

11 thoughts on “About Me Page

  1. Aren’t you GLAD you left Los Angeles? I can’t wait to get out of here!
    I used to raise Guppies also. I still have my vintage Metaframe metal tanks, one is a 5-gallon. All the fish in the 5 finally died from old age. Been looking for Guppies. Not much luck.

  2. Hello Sir,

    I tried to follow you on FB and I failed so this is the only way I figured out I can contact you (I dont wanna buy or sell). I am into blue SnakeSkins and I ended up on this lovely blog πŸ˜€

    If you want to talk any time tell me how can I contact you.

    Greetings from Finland.

  3. hi i live in the uk i am desperate to get my hands on some merah crown tails do you no of any breeders in uk that sell them. they seem like they are rarer than rocking horse poop here i would be willing to pay what ever they cost to get my hands on a couple of males

  4. please tell me if you no of any merah crowntail guppies breaders you no of here in the uk because i can not find any. i am willing to pay any price for a couple of males i am currently breading and would love to add this strain to my collection i can not find any where in the uk that sells them my brain hurts from looking nearly as much as my eye balls are starting to glaze over trying to find some where to get them from any help on this you can give would be greatly appreciated

  5. Hello
    First of all I’m sorry, my English is really poor. I’m a french swordtail lover (and also a wild guppie’s lover, but i think that you don’t know the ones called “blue Rorota” (i’m the fisher)), and you have very nice fishes!! I would like to know how it is possible to have your lovely fishes?
    Thank you and congratulations for your good job!

  6. Hi, I am wanting to breed some good quality fancy show guppies, but I am struggling to understand which breeding method would be better for maintaining a strain and which method would also be best for creating a new strain, whether it be inbreeding, outcrossing, backcrossing etc.

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