Gateway Guppy Associates — IFGA Annual

This post is a bit late, but I wanted to put up a few of the videos I filmed in St. Louis at the 2018 IFGA Annual to save them for posterity.

Green tank entry

Multi tank entry

Multi tanks

Double Swords

Half Black AOC




AOC Tank

AOC Bicolors

Red Bicolor

HB AOC tank

Double Sword Tanks

2 thoughts on “Gateway Guppy Associates — IFGA Annual

  1. WOW😱
    I cant believe how beautiful those GUPPIES are. How do they get them so perfect? And how did u take such great pictures of them? Mine never come out like that please share ur secret

    1. You have to reduce the swimming space of a guppy so they can’t move around as much. i.e., with a smaller tank, or a divider wall behind them keeping them close to the front of the tank. I also use a macro lens with a flash. For videos, I’m just using a standard iPhone with the flash on.

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