Update on my Fish Room

The ZEN relaxation tank in my office, featuring a school of short tail Stoerz type guppies.

It’s been so long since I last posted that WordPress has changed how to post a story. Several months ago I put my Arizona house on the market and bought a house in Las Vegas, so I’ve been busy with a move. I decided this would be a good time to downsize my fish room from about 55 tanks to 35. I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to maintain a fish room with a busy schedule. And reducing to fewer tanks has allowed me to keep on top of everything happening in each tank, and much easier maintenance. It has put the fun back in the hobby for me. I’m actually excited about what I’m working on again.

I really wanted to narrow down to two main types of fish to simplify everything. This would allow me to have a lot of options within two types of fish, instead of having just a few options amongst a lot of different kinds of fish. I am still hanging on to some purples, Moscows, snakeskins, flagtails, reds, and crowntails for now. But the goal I’m working towards is narrowing down to swordtails and one main solid color IFGA type (which is going to be HB pastels). Though I will still keep a few tanks with unique lines that interest me.

I had to be prepared to move quickly when my house sold, even though the process dragged on for about a month. Much longer than I expected. So most of my fish were bagged for 3-4 weeks. Probably 80% survived, and they’ve pretty much recovered and are back to normal now.

I also decided to get something I haven’t had in ages, a REAL aquarium with rocks, plants and a betta (Siamese fighting fish) male. As you might know, most serious IFGA guppy breeders raise their fish in empty fish tanks without gravel. I mainly did this so I would have a more relaxing workspace in my home office. I thought the 5 gallon aquarium had a bit too much open space, so I was planning on getting a small school of neon tetras. Then I remembered that I had about 5 male lower swords that were born missing their swords. (I think the technical term is “short tail guppies”). I was able to get that schooling effect with shiny fish, but using my own fish.


Crowntail females display the same traits in the caudal fin.
Lower sword male
Merah / crowntail male
Half purple, purple delta
Two younger double sword males


A could younger lower swords
Old fashion type male lower sword


Red double sword
This male double sword won 2nd place at the IFGA Annual last year. And he’s even bigger now! Still alive and kicking.


My new betta / Siamese fighting fish male.

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