Some Swordtail Guppies at the IFGA Annual (October 2016)

I sent one sword guppy entry to the IFGA annual this year. Most of my swords are either too young or too old. The red double sword below is the result of some crosses I have made between lower swords and double swords. It’s a really big fish with some nice red color. I was debating how much tank space to devote to this new line of double swords. To make that decision, I decided I would send this male to the show and see if it was possible for him to even place.

At the show, I was an observer to a couple judging groups. I was observing the judging of the double sword category, which nearly gave me a complete panic attack. The judges had positioned all the fish except the top two winners. And I knew the red one was of those two fish. They went back and forth between these two fish for a LONG time. They were even jotting down notes and pointing the fish. In the end, my red double sword was placed second, and Simeon Bonev’s albino was selected as first (second photo).

I was actually thrilled to place second in this class because there were NINETEEN entries! And it also proved that this can be a show winning line with just a little refinement.







Some lower sword guppy photos I took at the Annual. I believe the fish in the top tank entry photo below were sent by Alan Bias.



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