Some Red Albino Guppies (RREA)

About 1.5 years ago, I decided I wanted to work on a more challenging long-term project, red albinos. These are generally more difficult to raise to show level than other types of guppies due to fertility issues. I wanted to construct my own line (which I’m still working on, it’s certainly a work in progress). I imported a couple lines from Thailand. I also bought a few random purchases on eBay and Aquabid. My general thought process was to take the females from the largest lines and cross them with the males that had the best color and shape (regardless of size). I figured if I could get IFGA shape and decent color, I would get a few that also had good size. That theory actually worked out and I got some good fish from those crosses.

For the first time, I entered the red albino tank class at the IFGA Annual earlier this month and was fortunate to place 2nd out of 9 entries. I have to thank Bryan Chin for giving me some good advice on selecting the right fish for a tank entry, which probably made all the difference.













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