Medusa Guppies

Just a few quick snapshots from the fish room. These are generally called Medusa guppies. But they are bred to IFGA standards, with a longer dorsal fin. A Medusa is similar to a Galaxy, but the Medusa usually has red and yellow in the caudal fin. They are known for having a smattering of bandit markings near the head.

I remember seeing photos of Medusa guppies all the way back in the 1990s. They were one of my favorite types of guppies, and still are. They have both interesting color and a nice metallic shine.

There is variation in the body patterns of these fish. The ones with 60% or more snakeskin pattern on the bodies would be entered in the IFGA Variegated Snakeskin category. The ones with 59% or less would be entered in the Multi category, and occasionally the Bicolor category.
















3 thoughts on “Medusa Guppies

  1. Very nice guppies.
    How are they judged on the finnage color and intensity if you have shown them before?
    Are you working to get the patterns the same on the caudal and dorsal fin or does that not matter as much in this category?

    1. I no longer raise this type of fish. They were medium sized fish and you really need somewhat bigger bodied fish to win consistently. I might have sent them to a show or two, but it’s been a couple years and they didn’t place.

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