Not a lot worth photographing lately in the fish room. Much of my tank space is either fry or young fish, or breeding groups.










I’m developing a line of reds from a cross I’ve made between standard Shubel reds and full reds. Some younger males have some promising body size. I’m not planning on a full red body, the size of the fish is my priority.





I’ve made numerous crosses with double swords over the last year, all from existing in-house fish. Including crosses to single swords. I managed to bump up the size with those crosses. I didn’t particularly care for these reds at first, but they are really colorful. The older they get, the more I like them.

2 thoughts on “A Few Recent Guppy Snapshots

  1. Hey, I was wondering if you are one of those breeders that religiously feed with freshly hatched bbs or do you rely more on dried foods?

    Your fish look great and very healthy!

    1. I religiously feed BBS every day. It’s basically the only way you can get show quality fish. The BBS setup doesn’t need to be anything complicated or fancy. You can just hatch them in any jar or container. I also feed dry foods that I put through a blender so it’s more of a fine texture than a flake texture. Easier for fish and younger fish to eat.

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