Moscow Guppies

A couple weeks ago, I took a video of some of my Moscow guppies. Here’s that video:

I was showing this link to Bryan Chin and he thought I should enter some of these in the IFGA Breeder Male category. I had been thinking about entering that category, but with my red albinos (which I’m still planning on doing later in the year). His suggestion turned out to be a great idea, and 5 of these fish won 2nd place in that category at the Chicago show (9 entries). I ended up losing about 2/3rd of the fish I sent to this show, including three males from this group during shipping. I speculated that my box of fish was left out in the heat at some point in the overnight FedEx journey back.

Like most of my fish, they can be summarized by the phrase “It’s a long story.” I rarely obtain a line of fish and just maintain them. I’m constantly crossing things back and forth.

When I started raising purples a couple years ago, I was doing all kinds of crosses. One of those crosses threw an exception male that had great shape and great size. The problem was that his body was green and his caudal/dorsal fin was purple. At the same time, I had some Shubel blues. But these blues kept throwing males with white-speckled caudals. I thought if I crossed my “purple” male into one of these blue Shubel females, I would at least carry the body shape and size to the next generation. And hopefully, the Moscow coloration would cancel out the white spotting from the blue line.

These are the fish I ended up with. (Btw, the white spotting still happens with a certain percentage of the males.) One problem with these fish is that they dramatically change color depending on the lighting. They look one color under natural lighting, another color under artificial lighting, another color with light from above, and another color from direct light from the front. On the show bench, they could look green, blue or purple depending on the light. By entering in the Breeder Male class, the actual color doesn’t matter as long as the color is good and matches among your five males.













4 thoughts on “Moscow Guppies

  1. I really love getting your emails with the post (I’m subscribed). The images are always amazing and text show the your passion for the hobby! I plan on returning to the hobby this fall (we’re moving this summer) and its really because of sites like yours. Thanks!

    1. I’m happy to hear you enjoy the site! I’ve been so busy lately I haven’t had much time to post. 55 tanks of guppies keeps me busy.

    1. I don’t have a lot of Moscows currently. I actually don’t sell fish, I just raise them as a hobby. Thank you!

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