A Blue Moscow Guppy Project

I’ve had blue and purple Moscows around for a couple years as a way to develop my purple lines. I’ve been working with a line of Shubel blues that weren’t doing well in my water (the caudal color was blotchy). So I’ve crossed some of my blue Moscow males into Shubel blue females. This is a way to bring the Moscow colors over to the good Shubel “body structure.” I did this as a way to keep some of the finnage of my blue Moscows, but beef up and improve the body size. The two fully grown (actually overgrown) males below are the previous generation to the male further down the page. The older males are past their prime at this point, as you can see some hunching in their backs. But they are still nice looking fish. The younger generation (which I’ve already started crossing again, and should have fry soon) has about the same body size as the sire and the dorsal and caudal have barely started to grow. I’m optimistic the new fish will have well-developed bodies with nice flowing fins.

Note, blue and green guppies are notoriously difficult to photograph with color accuracy. The camera flash picks up colors that aren’t normally visible. So it’s not uncommon for a green to look like a blue in a photo, or a blue to look like a green!





The newest generation of blues.



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