Longfin Guppies

I would categorize these as “Giessen,” ribbon or even swallow guppies.  (Some of their caudal fins exhibit slight swallow characteristics.) I’m no expert on these. But they popped up in a drop of AOC bicolors. They are very small fish, esp. in comparison to their siblings. Probably about 15% of the fish in the drop had this trait. The males are infertile. I’m keeping these around with the other bicolors more as a curiosity to see how they look when fully grown. I’m not interesting in maintaining these as a separate line. And there is no class for these in the IFGA. They could however be entered in something like the World Guppy Contest. But their size at this point is too small to be competitive. I think these popped up because I used a swallow female imported from Thailand a couple generations ago in a bicolor cross. To maintain this type of fish, I would probably cross a male sibling (without the long fins) to a female with the long fins.










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