Someone on Facebook posted a photo of a doublesword that looks like a close cousin to some of mine. Which made me want to take some new doublesword photos (father and son below). I almost gave up on this line, but now I’m glad I kept going with it. These fish live 2-3 times as long as the average guppy.  And they are super healthy. I can’t ever remember culling any of these for health reasons.







I wanted to post a photo of one of my female AOC breeders for the record book. I love the tails in this line. The large butter/white pastel tails, and this sharp triangle tail. It’s very striking in an aquarium. I’ve given up on the males in this line, mostly my fault because I hadn’t mastered the right way to feed them. (I’ve come a long way in the last 6-12 months.)  I’m primarily keeping this line because of the females. I’ve noticed the females live twice as long as the males (no idea why). My original male breeders died off long ago, but the same three females I started out with (F0) are still alive and well. This female below is a second generation (F1).  Those orange streaks in the males, probably from my water.








A Halfblack yellow without any Halfblack looks bizarrely similar to a yellow guppy. Not sure this would fly in IFGA though. May try it and see what happens next year.




Mixed lower sword grow-out tank, and some that are already grown. And one Japan blue doublesword, not sure how he got in there.




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