Red Mosaic Male Guppies

These are without doubt the most difficult guppies I’ve ever photographed. They are a nonstop moving ball of energy. Despite their huge tails, these guys can really swim. Almost every photo I took was blurry. I tried every photographic technique I could think of, and I think most of these photos below were the result of complete accident.

I have to say, I’ve never liked red guppies. They usually look too orange to me. The flash makes these fish look more orange than they actually are. They look like a deeper, rich red in person. But I do have to say, these fish are changing my mind about red guppies.

While they aren’t exactly IFGA in shape, they have good deportment, good size, good vigor, great color and I certainly consider them “showy.”










Completely unrelated topic. I’ve probably gotten about 8+ lines of purples over the last six months. I narrowed those down to 3 lines. Plus another line that popped up accidentally from some of my experimental lines. (I’m guessing that a purple delta was used at some point to create some of the “multi” guppies I have.)

I probably have about a dozen tanks devoted to purples, and that number is growing weekly. My goal has been to maintain at least one “basic” IFGA type delta strain. Then I can divide up the rest of my tanks with lower swords, double swords, multis, black Moscows, bi-colors, veils, AOC pastels, and halfblack yellows. And this was after greatly reducing the number of lines I have. I think it has left me with a couple good lines of fish, instead of a lot of mediocre fish that I was just having fun crossing. Below is a Tim Mousseau purple breeder male. A couple of my tanks of purples are just now “tailing up.” So I’ll be photographing those in a few weeks.



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