Stoerzbach F1 Male Lowersword Guppies

I sent a couple of these lowersword guppies to the last IFGA show and entered them in the novice category. Because of the very hot Arizona summer heat, I thought there was a decent chance that they wouldn’t make it to the show alive. (They actually made it alive both ways, to and from!) So I figured if I was going to lose some fish, it would be these I could live without. I probably have about a dozen of these. They still have some growing to do. And obviously, they didn’t place at that last show. These have pretty short dorsal fins (not IFGA standards), which means they are highly unlikely to place at a show. However, there are one or two in the group that have extended dorsal fins. So there is still hope.





(Below)  Long dorsal fin and no upper sword remnant! Looks like we might have found our male breeder here.



Some have interesting rose gold tones when viewed in different lighting at various angles.  Kind of reminds me of a Pingu guppy.




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