A Multi Guppy X Snakeskin Cross

I have a line of multis, but the males seemed too fragile to me. The main reason I’ve kept that particular line was for the huge, colorful females. I decided I would cross one of my variegated snakeskin males into one of the multi females to increase the hardiness of the males and bring their form closer to IFGA standards. I actually wasn’t sure these males would be of use other than to maintain the line of females.

What I got are males with snakeskin bodies and bi-color tails. Some of these could even be categorized as multis. They are still growing, and already they are some of the biggest males in my fish room. They are also as hardy as my swordtail guppies. They devour any food I put in the tank. They are also very fast. Usually when a guppy’s tail starts to get this big, they start to get a little sluggish. Not these guys.

I think I could probably enter these in the IFGA AOC bi-color category. These have become some of my favorite fish, by complete accident. A tank of these is quite a sight to see!










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