Some Random Photos Around the Fish Room

I really need to work on my headline writing skills.

I’ve been doing some massive culling lately to refine down to either my best lines, most promising or the ones I’m emotionally attached to so I have to keep them.  I did inventory and counted 22 different types of guppies, and that was after culling.

I relocated my fish room to a larger room in the house and added another rack, which I’m planning on using for two rows of 2.5 gallon tanks. I always hated 2.5 gallon tanks. But used one I had in storage and found it worked quite well for a breeding trio. It also forces the fish to get used to people since there isn’t anywhere to hide. They also seem, oddly enough, happier in a smaller space. I don’t see anything depressing like those Siamese fighting fish swimming alone in tiny tanks. Most of my tanks are 5 and 10 gallon, but I definitely see the usefulness of a 2.5 gallon tank. I live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, so it’s very difficult to find tanks. Whenever I’m in Las Vegas, I stop by a couple pet shops and fill my car up with fish tanks. I ordered a couple 2.5 gallon tanks on Amazon yesterday.

On to the photos. I noticed a few AOCs from my Simeon Bonev lines were getting orange in their tails. Maybe 2-3 fish.  This might be caused partly by my water. But I find them interesting. I’m even thinking about pulling out the fish with the most orange and using them as either a bi-color type fish, or as a line of “koi” guppies. It’s what I’d call visually a true orange, rather than a weak red passing as orange.



Below, a platinum type AOC. You can see the pinkish area on its head, which is a signature of this line.



Some of the lower sword guppies that came from my Stoerzbach line. Probably 95% reddish lower swords and the rest look like a standard platinum Stoerz. At first I hated the red swords. But they’ve really grown on me. Pretty consistent swords. Hopefully their dorsal tails grow out with a nice flag shape.



This fish below isn’t exactly a perfect specimen. But he has that interesting “koi” effect happening. Less platinum, more white. I like this fish, but I’m not sure what to do with it. He probably wouldn’t go over well in the IFGA bi-color category, even after he fully grows out.




Same fish as above.



One of the main reasons I decided to clear up space in my fish room was so that I could focus on raising more IFGA type lines, instead of making experimental crosses. I was originally more interested in creating the perfect Asian style grass, Medusa, or “multi” type guppy. But I’m trying to devote a larger percentage to fish I can actually show with. I picked the purple guppy because I figured it would be a challenge, but not quite to the level of say a blue or a red in terms of IFGA competition. I’ve gotten a couple lines of purples, which I’ll narrow down to maybe 3 lines over the next couple months. Below is a Tim Mousseau purple.



I was about to cull my pintail line. Then at the last minute, decided to keep them. It wasn’t an easy decision, since the goal isn’t to waste space on lines I can’t show. But I figured I could keep it around for those clubs that might have a non-point class for this type of fish. As I was snapping photos tonight, I noticed about 20 or so fry in my pintail breeder tank. So I guess they’re staying for now.






A Moscow type purple.



The snakeskin below isn’t great because of the black spots. But I kept this photo because of the intense yellow color showing in the pintail.



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