Photos — Multi Guppy & Pingu

The natural lighting was hitting a tank of pingus (pink guppies) in just the right way to really bring out the gold and pink tones. So I grabbed my camera. Of course, the males then decided to swim to the back of the tank and I couldn’t get a really good, accurate photo of the colors. Basically using a macro “telephoto” lens I was able to get some photos. They didn’t look good. When I pulled these up on the computer, I was planning on trashing them. But I started removing hard water (on the glass) spots from the photos. By the time I had gotten rid of the spots, I had two photos that looked a lot better than I originally thought. However, the color still isn’t even close to accurate. The lighter areas in the photos are the pink tones, so you can see how far off the color is.



While I was trying to coax the pingu males to the front, I was shooting photos of a multi male a few tanks over using only natural lighting. (He was photographed a few posts back on this website.) Normally I need a flash to really pull out the color, but the natural lighting was pretty strong at the time. So I was able to capture some pretty good detail of the face of this multi. I swear when I’m trying to get a good photo of a guppy, it’s a struggle. When I’m standing around, not even trying, I get some of my better photos.







Another monster fish keeper female.



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