HBs, New Top Swords, Older Snakeskin Guppy

HB yellow. Half black guppies are difficult to photograph. I finally concluded it’s because the HB part contrasts with the light front half of the fish. So if the camera locks in to the black part of the body, the lighter part ends up looking washed out. aaaaaDSCF1474 I’ve been trying to get a really good picture of this HB blue AOC for what seems like months. What normally happens is the front half of his body ends up with a white glare. If your camera is adjusting to the area around the guppies head, the HB part of the guppy seems to disappear. Could be the only way to get an image that isn’t over or under exposed is to have the light hitting the fish with only medium tones showing. One problem with the HB blue AOC is that the camera turns his entire eye black for some reason. aaaaaDSCF0672 I was very excited when I crossed a wild top sword guppy with a high dorsal guppy (roundtail) and got these fish that are just now beginning to color up: aaaDSCF1987 A nice even yellow sword developing at the top. I have a couple of these and they all basically look the same. The “wild” part is barely noticeable, other than two light red spots. I figured I’d have to work with this line a few generations to get anywhere. My only real goal was to just get offspring with a top sword. A nice even toned yellow sword is a huge bonus. This multi moved at just the right moment to  create an interesting, haunting photo: aaaaaDSCF0764 I’ve got a breeder snakeskin male that keeps getting bigger and bigger. He’s to the point he can barely swim. Which doesn’t make him a good breeder. aaaaaDSCF1229 SLIDESHOW:

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