Monster Fish Keepers — Female Guppies

It’s really easy to get busy with work and everything else and not pay much attention to some of my fish tanks. Then when I’m cleaning a tank, I think “When did these fish get so huge?” These are from a tank of multis. They are so big they feel more like goldfish than guppies. They are very aggressive with eating their own fry, which might be partly why they’re so big. There is only one way to get fry from this tank, and it involves using a very specific type of dense plastic floating plant you can buy at Petsmart. Everything else I’ve ever used either doesn’t work at all, or barely works. Any time I have a tank of fish that should be producing fry, but aren’t, I toss one of these plastic plants in the tank and sure enough, a few days later I’ve got fry. I’ve probably scooped out 50 fry in the last week since I’ve added these to the tank.






2 thoughts on “Monster Fish Keepers — Female Guppies

    1. I cull any diseased fish immediately. Most of the time, medications don’t work. And there is risk that other fish could be infected with an outbreak.

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