Doubleswords – Revisiting a Line



The reason I called this website “guppy dreams” is because guppies invade my dreams at night on a regular basis. I have the most bizarre dreams that will, for example, land me in science fiction pet shops full of giant show-stopping guppies that couldn’t possibly exist in real life. I’ve been having these kinds of dreams my entire life, it’s not something new. As I was pulling myself out of one of these dreams last night, I realized I needed to put more energy into getting rid of a couple tanks of fish that aren’t doing me any favors. I was snapping photos of all of these culls so I could post them online to give away.

The big problem with these fish I want to cull is that they aren’t anything I can show for IFGA. And they’re not interesting enough to otherwise keep on life support. However, these fish are all so unbelievably HARDY, they just seemingly never get sick, live long lives, and apparently rarely if never die. At least that’s how it seems. I thought to myself, I really, REALLY, wish all of my fish were this bullet proof. It would make my life so much easier if I had armies of guppies that didn’t require constant coddling.

One of these lines is a group of doubleswords. They were an experimental cross I made from an albino doublesword and something else like a Japan Blue. It seems like I did the cross a year or two ago, and these fish have been growing for that amount of time. Of course I realize that can’t be possible, can it? Well, the males in this line are HIDEOUS looking. I pulled out a group of these to photograph, and they all look fairly similar, but ONE male was oddly the right combination of good traits without many bad characteristics. (see photos) In fact, he’s a pretty darn good looking guppy. And I’m not giving away a pretty good doublesword, because those are hard to find!

I snapped a few photos of this male. I decided to pull out three of the better looking female guppies for a small breeding group. If I can get this line to “set” with this look, I might have a dream line of doubleswords to maintain. The kind that look good, produce a lot of offspring and are highly disease resistant. The one drawback is that the males take FOREVER to develop. I think these may have been born in 2012, and they’re still slowly growing.

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