New Generation — “High Dorsal” Guppies

A little background on this cross. This male guppy below resulted from a regular lower sword guppy cross. (“crossover event”?)


I wanted to use him to create a line of just high dorsal guppies. I’m defining a high dorsal guppy as a male with a basic round caudal, that has an extended flag dorsal fin. It could also probably be described as an IFGA swordtail without the sword.

When this male was crossed with a regular swordtail female, I actually got exactly what I wanted. It didn’t turn out to be a more complicated cross that required crossing consecutive generations back to the original male guppy to fix this trait.

Usually about this time with a regular swordtail, a little sword spike starts to show up on the caudal that develops along with the extended dorsal fin. These don’t show any signs of swords. Here’s how they look so far:



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