Some Lower Sword Guppies


I have been seeing a lot of lower sword and doublesword photos lately coming from IFGA members, including photos from the most recent show. I was amazed at all the gold/platinum and BLUE in these fish. I was even wondering where this blue stock was originating because I wanted it in some of my own lines. Yesterday I was randomly snapping photos of various tanks. When I was looking at the the images on my computer, I noticed one of my regular swords was photographing as a BLUE fish. This led me to conclude that the swords I’ve been seeing (mostly in Facebook postings) are not actually “visually” blue, but rather standard blond vienna. And when a flash is used for a photograph, they look something like this:


(Ooooh! Ahhh! Where’d you get those amazing blue guppies at?!) The flash brings out the blue which isn’t otherwise noticeable. These are all descendants from Alan Bias swords.

swordtailguppyDSCF0504 swordtailguppyDSCF0741 swordtailguppyDSCF0764


One thought on “Some Lower Sword Guppies

  1. Terry, If you are not seeing either orange or pink Wingean spots (Pb), the males are autosomal (partially dominant) Asian Blau Blond / Grey Vienna. Genetically “blue” with addition of yellow color pigment &/or yellow metal gold (Mg) on top of the blue iridophores. The “blue peduncle” trait at the caudal peduncle juncture is also an autosomal trait. The blue belly trait, if present, is Y-linked virdis. The DS you may have seen in the IFGA Annual entries are Schim Platinum Japan Blue.Glad to see you are enjoying the swords.

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