Yellow Lower Swordtail Guppy


After seeing photos of a yellow guppy from the Huntsville IFGA show, of course I realized I couldn’t live without that line.  I gave a second look to a guppy I had in my cull tank. The reason he ended up in the cull tanks was because he has a clear dorsal fin.  However, everything else about him I really like.  His sword has a nice wide start at the top, then a dramatic point. I’m not even sure the tail is fully grown yet.  I decided I would cross him with the first offspring females of this male, who are just now hitting breeding age.  The goal being to add an extended yellow dorsal so I have a swordtail with matching dorsal and sword.

I usually give away my culls. And because it takes me forever to get around to that, I often end up “rediscovering” fish.



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