Wild “Top Sword” Guppies


I’ve been trying to find some time to snap guppy photos lately, but it’s almost impossible for me to stop everything for an hour in the middle of the afternoon. I generally only take guppy photos in the afternoon when the lighting is best. (Bright, natural lighting works well for me.)

I was wanting to do some experimental swordtail crosses. While I appreciate the great work everyone else does and has been doing for decades, it’s always nice to have something more original. And I came across these top swords on the illegal guppy black market. (Sarcasm — don’t alert PETA)

The first day I had these isolated in a tank outside my fish room. And I walked by and something caught my eye on the floor. I thought, that can’t be a guppy. Sure enough, the best male of my “experimental top swords” had jumped out of the tank. He must have just jumped right before I walked by because I tossed him back in, and he was good to go. Close call for sure. And yes, I put a lid on that tank. It’s a lot easier for a wild or swordtail guppy to jump ship than a slow moving delta.

Anyhow, I’m recording these guppies on the site so I can follow either 1. the progress of my crosses or 2. to see how bad of an idea this turned out to be. The swords on these guys are nothing to write home about. On the short side. And the patterns need a lot of work. But we’ll see what happens.

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