Some Upcoming Random Younger Delta Males

I’ve had a serious lack of free time lately to do much more than just feed my fish and run. But I made some time this afternoon to snap some photos of two fish I’d been watching lately. The first one I had been watching because he’s an HB (apparently) “grass” cross. He’s still small and on the young side though, but he could be an interesting fish as he gets older.  I believe he’s a cross between a grass male and an HB AOC female. This gives him a bit of a speckled look in the caudal tail, instead of the more consistent dots in an HB AOC. I remembered someone on Facebook had talked about wanting to make this kind of a cross. And I couldn’t immediately find anyone online who had already done it. I’m sure someone has though. This could be a really cool fish after he’s grown out.

The second fish is what I’m calling a purple/blue Moscow bicolor. Depending on the light. He’s growing out pretty nicely, and he could be one of my future breeders. The dorsal should continue to grow, and he’s still on the small size. I’m not even sure what the cross was with this one. I think his father was the bicolor male in earlier posts, and his mother would have been either a purple or blue delta or a blue/and/or/green Moscow that randomly threw a purple.  I tend to breed for body shape more than anything else. I figure if I get the right body shapes, I can find a class to enter the fish. I’m fine with a lot of compatible crossing, as long as I get a fish with nice form. I will be photographing these two fish in upcoming weeks to show how they “tail out.”


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