One of my Favorite Swordtail Guppy Creations

I think I’ve posted photos of this guppy on here in the past few weeks. The “sword” is continuing to develop, which I had thought was going to be on the shorter side. As I’m getting ready to send entries to the PPGA show this upcoming weekend, I pulled him out as an option for the Novice veil/swordtail category. Then I decided there is no way I’m putting this fish at “shipping risk,” so he’s staying here. As soon as I can figure out which other fish I can live without, I’m setting him up with a couple swordtail females so I can continue to develop this into a line. This fish has everything. Every angle shows a vibrant color. Gold, purple, red, pink, green, along with some interesting spotting. Super fast and hardy. I’d love to have an entire tank of just this fish (that would be a sight).

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One thought on “One of my Favorite Swordtail Guppy Creations

  1. Hi Terry, Find this phenotype very beautiful, but frustrating. This particular form of barring in conjunction with red finnage often linked to a weak “top spike” and LS often substandard. I send you a photo…

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