Another Male Swordtail “Discovery”

I have so many experimental guppy crosses that I swear I find something new every day in my fish room. If I’m not paying close attention to a tank for a week or so, a younger or growing fish can make some amazing transformations in a short amount of time.


Compare the new male guppy above, to the one I posted yesterday (below).


I’m not 100% sure they’re siblings, but they do have similarities. The same double black spots behind the gills. A blue area near the caudal on the peduncle. A red spot on their bodies behind the dorsal. And gold vertical bars. The top guppy has more blue in his dorsal and caudal, and less overall platinum gold. But still a striking fish. The upper fish is also in better shape as far as the fin development, though I wouldn’t mind seeing a longer dorsal and maybe a thinner sword.  And since there is no upper sword remnant to deal with, he would make a better fish for crossing.

Here are more photos:

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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2013. Alan Bias emailed some input on these to me, including his own photos. Click here for Alan’s website.

Alan says: They are very pretty, but hard to progress… First two photos are initial expressions in green and Pb….
It is basically Z-Bar with partial expression. Regulation in peduncle is often separate in upper and lower peduncle.

alanbias1 alanbias2


This is what I eventually evolved (below) them into with removal of red and a lot of culling.  This phenotype was initially often linked to very late coloring “mules”.  Only time I’ve ever had in swords.  Yellow epistatic to red.

alanbias3 alanbias4


(The lowest 4 images are copyrighted by Alan Bias)



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