“Neon Tetra” Guppies

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You can probably tell right off the bat why I’ve called these Neon Tetra Guppies. I’ve been pulling these out over the last 2-3 weeks from an experimental cross. What I think is happening is that the Japan Blue gene from a few generations ago is fighting with the red chili endler genes. And when crossed with an albino male doublesword, the swords and spots disappeared. Some of these have some tiny color spots appearing. I’m going to wait and see how these turn out. If the better ones keep that “neon tetra” look a few weeks from now, I will probably start a breeding group. Not impressive with fin size, but they have that same vibrant color appeal as a tetra.

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I’ve been watching this doublesword Japan Blue lately thinking he’s actually a pretty interesting fish. I’ve had these doubleswords pop up over the years, but never pursued it because of the difficulty in getting everything to match up (both fin length and colors). I decided to try and cross him with some doublesword females. This might give me a couple offspring with more even tails. This fish just has too many “pros” to ignore. Very vibrant and colorful, and hardy. This isn’t a disease prone fish. I guess if the original Japan Blues could survive swimming in Japanese nuclear waste (as the myth goes), they can survive anything else. It’s another experiment I probably don’t need to try, but not every cross has to change the world.

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