Guppy Foods

A couple years ago I started buying Ken’s flake foods. And there is so much food in one of these bags that it can take months to use. The problem is that a bag costs $5-6, but shipping costs about $10. So you’re actually spending $15 a bag. If you buy one more bag, it only brings the total cost up to about $20. It’s a deal I have to take, but then I end up with a year’s supply of guppy food. I keep these bags in my freezer so it stays fresh. Then I fill up a small container with flakes and refill it once a week. I try to alternate the type of flake food I get so they’re not always eating the exact same thing and have more variety in their diet. Ken’s food is probably the best flake food out there. And when I say flakes, I mean huge flakes. Better than the food you buy at a pet store, and even after shipping costs, it’s still about the same price pound for pound.

I also feed Hikari pellets, the regular size for the adult fish and the powder granules for the fry. I have live brine shrimp, but that’s another story. I buy frozen brine shrimp and daphnia, which I feed to the fish about once a week. The adult fish go crazy over the frozen brine shrimp. The daphnia are good for younger fish because they’re much smaller. I don’t recommend feeding frozen food more than once or twice a week because it starts to make your fish look morbidly obese. Now live adult brine shrimp, that’s a different story. But not everyone has access to live adult brine shrimp.

I added the Hikari foods because I always felt flake food wasn’t substantive enough for their full diet. (i.e., the Hikari is a dense nugget of food)

I should also mention these newer Ken’s flakes are probiotic, which is another plus.








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