A Few Guppy Photos From Around the Fish Room

The photo below is a blue-green moscow. But the light gives him a blue sheen.

Below is a pastel blue younger male. His finage is still in development. His blue coloring is so bright I pulled him out and gave him his own harem of females. I expect him to be of good size and shape, even though he’s not quite there yet. The color was so nice I decided to not worry about whether he’d be a perfect shape. I can work on that if he’s not later.


This is an albino red snakeskin female. It’s a random fish that was added to another fish purchase as a fry freebie (now she’s all grown up). I’m experimenting with a snakeskin cross to see what pops up.


This is the same fish as in the top photo, one of my blue-green delta male breeders.


This is a regular snakeskin female who is about to give birth to a huge drop of fry, as you can see by her gigantic body.



Photos copyright Terry Aley

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