Guppy “Jumpers”



There’s a term I hear every now and again in the fancy guppy circles — The Jumper. This normally happens when someone has multiple fish tanks near each other. And one random fish jumps out lands in another tank. This would probably go unnoticed except for the fact it can happen between two different varieties of the same fish. So a blue delta might jump into a red delta tank, and accidentally cross. I can’t ever remember this happening before in my tanks (that I’ve noticed). I have had fish jump out of the tanks before, but this one was unusual.

If you look at the photo, you’ll notice the scales of the upper right fish don’t match the other female guppies. What I do know is that I had a breeding tank of black moscows, and a non-moscow suddenly appeared one day. I have NO CLUE which tank this fish came from. Or if she was accidentally netted. I knew that she couldn’t have jumped from the tank to the left or the right, which weren’t filled with enough water to do a successful jump. She could have jumped out of a tank on the shelf above, then somehow curved inward and landed in this tank. Not quite sure how. But here she is.

My line of moscow females is very Type A. They swim fast, eat a lot, and seem kind of “wild.” So my initial concern was that this regular guppy might be too docile to stay in this tank. But she was right in the middle of everything and had integrated herself into the pack. I could probably narrow her down to either a lower swordtail, doublesword or snakeskin. It would be interesting to see what kind of fry she has. Most likely, the worst of everything will combine to create something totally undesirable. But on the off chance I end up with a black snakeskin or black swordtail, I may see what happens.


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